The Tump  Sep escaping from Dai the cat

The cat then realised why spiders, especially live ones, were not recommended cat food. Sep wriggled, his bristly legs tickling the sides of Dai's stomach. Dai laughed, grunted and vomited, ejecting Sep rocket-like to freedom.

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Thresher  Arson!

Covering their mouths and noses with neckerchiefs, they set to shovelling as fast as they could, glancing nervously at the blazing roof. "Someone's going to pay for this!" cried Hugo, clenching his fists in temper and frustration.

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About Noel

Noel Allsup, born and raised in Lancashire, England, studied (and also enjoyed athletics, cross country running and soccer) then graduated as a veterinary surgeon at Edinburgh University, working initially in general mixed animal practice in Southern England, then specialising in the prevention and treatment of diseases of large domesticated animals. His busy career took him...
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