About the Author

Noel Allsup, born and raised in Lancashire, England, studied (and also enjoyed athletics, cross country running and soccer) then graduated as a veterinary surgeon at Edinburgh University, working initially in general mixed animal practice in Southern England, then specialising in the prevention and treatment of diseases of large domesticated animals. His busy career took him to three continents including government assignments in Brazil and India and accompanied flights with animals to European, Middle Eastern and African countries.

A motivation to write fiction led to a BA(Hons.) degree at Birmingham University, then, assisted by his daughter Caroline, a graphic designer, published THE TUMP, a childrens` story book in 2008. This was followed by THRESHER – AUTUMN FALL, a historical novel published in 2010.

Noel is married to Olive, a wool sculptress; they have four grown-up daughters and reside in Worcestershire, England. His interests include serious country walking, classical music and, of course, reading and writing.



Thresher Autumn Fall – historical fiction by Noel Allsup"I'm really looking forward to reading the sequel."
Mr.P.Leighton, Kent.

"How much I enjoyed 'Thresher' and got involved with the characters... I'm sure it deserves a wide audience and a film perhaps?"
Mrs. C. Gathercole, Worcs.

"Thresher...a real page-turner, it kept me up at night – a good sign."
Mrs. H. Watkins, Herefordshire.

"I couldn't put the novel down, it held me until I'd finished it."
Mr.C. Johnson, Worcester.

The Tump by Noel Allsup"I loved The Tump, it's really great."
Susannah, aged 8.

"I have just finished reading The Tump... it was brilliant! I read it quickly because I wanted to know what happened next."
Hodgson, aged 8.

"My son couldn't put this book down, he loved the unique characters and setting. He enjoyed it so much; he was disappointed when it came to an end."
Jenny, Worcester.