The Tump

The Tump by Noel Allsup

It all started with a house fire and ended with a flood. What lay beneath the Tump?

If you quietly tiptoed and carefully lifted an edge of the plastic canopy, you would see…

This is a storybook for children, of approximate reading age from 5-8+, depicting the adventures of Sep, a seven-and-a-half limbed spider, living with his parents George and Ida and sister Paula in Sectown, a community of small creatures who have escaped a house fire and predators to find refuge in a rubbish dump, The Tump, near the bottom of the housegarden.

Although this is the biography of Sep, many other little creatures are to be found in these pages providing a fascinating insight into the variety of tiny creatures that live in tumps everywhere.

The Tump by Noel Allsup – Sep escaping from Dai the cat

Dai, the Thomas’s cat, jumped lightly onto the wall. Put out supperless for fighting the Thomas’s dog Elliot, his empty tum had rumbled. As Sep hit the wall, Dai had two choices… complete hunger until tomorrow’s breakfast or a spider supper. He swallowed Sep.

The cat then realised why spiders, especially live ones, were not recommended cat food. Sep wriggled, his bristly legs tickling the sides of Dai’s stomach. Dai laughed, grunted and vomited, ejecting Sep rocket-like to freedom.

The Tump by Noel Allsup

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