Thresher Autumn Fall by Noel Allsup

The French cannonball severed Lieutenant Richard Gomer’s left arm above the elbow and cut a slaughtering swathe through the line of marching infantrymen.

Arson, machine destruction, a ruinous gambling debt, grand theft and forced land seizure, violent rivalry between neighbours, livestock mutilation, a secret love affair and a landowning family’s unknown enemy conspire to destroy the peace and stability of a West Dorset rural community. The family must unmask their evil adversary before they lose their livelihood and ultimately their lives.

Set in early nineteenth century England against the recent end of the Napoleonic Wars, THRESHER presages the future upheavals heralded by that turbulent era.

Thresher Autumn Fall by Noel Allsup

Covering their mouths and noses with neckerchiefs, they set to shovelling as fast as they could, glancing nervously at the blazing roof.

“Someone’s going to pay for this!” cried Hugo, clenching his fists in temper and frustration, then knuckling his smoke-filled eyes as he rode out of the barn.

“How did it start?” he asked a man.

“I don’ know sir, but some of my mates thinks it be started on purpose. The crop be dry as tinder.”

Hugo did not reply. He agreed with the men’s suspicions.

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Thresher Autumn Fall by Noel Allsup available on Amazon

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Thresher Autumn Fall by Noel Allsup

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Thresher Autumn Fall – historical fiction by Noel Allsup"I'm really looking forward to reading the sequel."
Mr.P.Leighton, Kent.

"How much I enjoyed 'Thresher' and got involved with the characters... I'm sure it deserves a wide audience and a film perhaps?"
Mrs. C. Gathercole, Worcs.

"Thresher...a real page-turner, it kept me up at night – a good sign."
Mrs. H. Watkins, Herefordshire.

"I couldn't put the novel down, it held me until I'd finished it."
Mr.C. Johnson, Worcester.

The Tump by Noel Allsup"I loved The Tump, it's really great."
Susannah, aged 8.

"I have just finished reading The Tump... it was brilliant! I read it quickly because I wanted to know what happened next."
Hodgson, aged 8.

"My son couldn't put this book down, he loved the unique characters and setting. He enjoyed it so much; he was disappointed when it came to an end."
Jenny, Worcester.